Bach to the future

An extraordinary journey through time

    School sections
    • Lower secondary school
    Educational subjects
    • Instrumental practice
    • Music, Rhythm and movement
    • Aural skills (Ear training)
    • Composition
    • Music and technologies
    • Music and…

Bach to the future

An original journey through time, where music and multimedia meet to introduce children to some peculiarities of baroque music in an alternative way, closer to the world of youth, thanks to the contamination of its forms with jazz and dance-pop. The aims of the project were born from the desire to find an ideal path where historical-musical knowledge was actively created by the students through making music together.

Work tools

Different environments of the school were used for the didactic action: the computer room for research, study and comparison of images linked to the historical and environmental context; the lecture hall for the recording sessions; the music hall and the gym for group performances and instrumental groups.

The collaboration of families in the work was fundamental both for the research and production of costumes, and for the study and creation of hairstyles for the “Clarinet quintet”.

Educational purposes

The skills, goals and training objectives selected by the teacher for this experience are shown below.

    • Interpretation
    • Analysis
    • Comprehension
    • Execution
    • Composition
    Reading and Writing
    • Use of unconventional analogic music notation
    Lower secondary school
    • Understands and evaluates events, materials, and musical works recognising their meanings, also in relation to his/her own musical experience and the different historical/sociological context.
    • Actively participating in music experiences through the execution and the interpretation of vocal and instrumental music pieces belonging to different genres and cultures.
    • Capacity to conceive and create music and multimedia messages, also though improvisation or collective elaboration processes, using also IT tools, in critical confrontation with models belonging to the musical heritage
    Reading and Writing
    • Using different notation systems functional to reading, analysis and reproduction of pieces of music
    • Integrating one’s own music experience with other knowledge and practices using appropriate codes and codification systems
Educational targets

The student:

  • plays, alone and in ensemble, music in different styles
  • participates in the composition and editing of the musical sequence functional to the creation of a story board
  • correlates a musical style with a historical-social context and a custom
  • manages the correlation between a timbre-instrumental sound and a historical context
  • recognises and distinguishes the components of different timbre-instrumental mixes
  • uses the concepts of timbre mix, accompaniment model, and baroque musical style
  • plays music while reading the score
  • is able to use the programme to transcribe music parts by ear


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