The National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research, is the Italian Ministry of Education’s oldest research organisation.

Since its foundation in 1925, the Institute has worked closely with the Italian school system, investing in training and innovation while supporting improvement processes in schools. Legislative decree no. 60 of 13 April 2017 entrusted Indire with the task of supporting teachers engaged in the development of themes relating to creativity, and also with documentation and dissemination of the most effective practices for music teaching.


The National Committee for the Practical Learning of Music

The national committee for the practical learning of music for all students performs tasks of supporting, consulting, designing, coordinating, monitoring and projects proposition to the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research). It also undertakes the identification of cultural and didactical contents, and professional, logistical and structural requirements, for the creation of educational paths based on the development of students’ competences.

It is engaged in the creation of educational paths based on music practice including also its esthetical and historical dimension. Its aim is to show that music could be taught, experienced and listened to, since pre-primary school, with teaching methods accounting for the overall development of the person, the formation of the citizen, active and free exploration, improvisation and learning by doing.