The project Music at School is born out of the collaboration between INDIRE (National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research) and the National Committee for the Practical Learning of Music. Its aim is to document, promote and sustain best practices of music teaching which have been already implemented by music teachers of the first and second cycle of education.



In order to ease the dissemination of didactic experiences, a didactic framework was created based on:

  1. A format for the narration of the experiences

The documentation of didactic activities was based on the three stages of the design process:

  • Motivation;
  • Identification of tools and work spaces;
  • Setting up the project path
  1. Framework for music competences

The scheme helps teachers in the description and evaluation of the processes and therefore in the observation of the competences chosen.


Indire, in collaboration with the National Committee for the practical learning of music for all students, promotes and supports the sharing of best practices addressed to students, teachers and anyone interested in research and development of competence-based music teaching.

It promotes confrontation and collaboration between teachers and between teachers and the educational community, intended, in the broader sense, as the key players in the dissemination of innovative and/or effective teaching practices.

It promotes initiatives in the music sector and teachers’ self-development by selecting, organising and showcasing quality contents.


The purpose of the call is to enhance the project design capacity of Italian music teachers and facilitate the sharing of best practices of laboratory teaching.