Beyond the wall …

A theatrical-musical performance on the theme of the Shoah, and on the school’s role from the promulgation of the racial laws to current day

    School sections
    • Lower secondary school
    Educational subjects
    • Choir
    • Music, Rhythm and movement
    • Aural skills (Ear training)
    • Theatre/music
    • Vocalism
    • Music and…

Beyond the wall …

The experience of the theatrical-musical performance “Beyond the wall” constituted an interesting interdisciplinary work of historical research and knowledge focused on the school’s role during the period of the racial laws, widened and contextualized to current issues. The students expressed a message of peace and hope through music, a Jewish song and a Rap piece.

Work tools

The spaces used to carry out the activities were the normal classrooms where the students carried out researches and wrote lyrics. The use of an IWB and of a PC was indispensable in order to search for sources, documents, to listen to songs and view dances, to research backing tracks for the rap and develop the rap lyrics. Whereas, for the rehearsals and recording we used the school’s Auditorium.

Educational purposes

The skills, goals and training objectives selected by the teacher for this experience are shown below.

    • Sound perception
    • Interpretation
    • Analysis
    • Comprehension
    • Execution
    • Composition
    Reading and Writing
    • Use of conventional analogic music notation
    Lower secondary school
    • Understands and evaluates events, materials, and musical works recognising their meanings, also in relation to his/her own musical experience and the different historical/sociological context.
    • Actively participating in music experiences through the execution and the interpretation of vocal and instrumental music pieces belonging to different genres and cultures.
    • Capacity to conceive and create music and multimedia messages, also though improvisation or collective elaboration processes, using also IT tools, in critical confrontation with models belonging to the musical heritage
    Reading and Writing
    • Using different notation systems functional to reading, analysis and reproduction of pieces of music
    • Integrating one’s own music experience with other knowledge and practices using appropriate codes and codification systems
Educational targets

The students learned how to:
- identify the various sonorous parameters and the melodic profile, establishing their relation, within the piece proposed
- control intonation autonomously
- perform, reformulate, and translate rhythmic and melodic schemes with their bodies and voices
- recognize the function of a piece, its formal, rhythmic and melodic characteristics in order to improve its performance, also through movements
- study and analyze the structure, the melodic and rhythmic aspects of various pieces for a personal formulation
- explore the different expression possibilities of the voice with regard to the style of the piece, and listen to themselves and the group
- reproduce a given piece and manage their emotional dynamics, both individual and with regard to the group
- compare pieces of different genres and styles, and play them by decoding the musical notation and by imitation
- organize themselves in the temporal and physical space, both during rehearsals and during the performance
- develop body percussion sequences on given pieces respecting the rules shared by the group


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