Band Simulator

Sound simulator for music groups

    School sections
    • Lower secondary school
    Educational subjects
    • Instrumental practice
    • Music, Rhythm and movement
    • Aural skills (Ear training)
    • Composition
    • Theatre/music
    • Music and technologies
    • Music and…

Band Simulator

The project "Band Simulator" aimed to actively involve all the students of the school district by creating a new multimedia tool for didactic and methodologic use: “The sound simulator for wind orchestra”. The sound simulator can be created, in a less structured and organised way, also by every school endowed with basic IT equipment and especially where there is a choir, an orchestra, or even just a small class ensemble. This didactic tool enables youths’ virtual active and actual participation in the rehearsal with the entire music group, even from home. The teacher can choose to rehearse with a small group in class or with the entire orchestra ensemble.  Thanks to a computerised video notation programme, the music teacher, in collaboration with the students, created the partition of the pieces of music examined during the school year. At a further stage, some group rehearsals of the pieces selected were carried out.     

Work tools

The sound simulator can be realised by every institute that has a minimum computer equipment and above all has a choir or an orchestra or simply a small class ensemble.


For the realisation of the project we used equipment that normally can be found in all schools, such as Multimedia Interactive Boards, Computers, IT equipment, cameras, equipment for recording audio files, Music Software: (notation-editing and sequencer) and open source video graphics software.

Educational purposes

The skills, goals and training objectives selected by the teacher for this experience are shown below.

    • Interpretation
    • Analysis
    • Comprehension
    • Execution
    • Composition
    Reading and Writing
    • Use of unconventional analogic music notation
Educational targets

The student:

  • plays, alone and in ensemble, music belonging to different genres and cultures
  • participates in the composition and editing of the music sequence, functional to the creation of a story board
  • uses different notation systems for reading, analysing and producing music
  • is able to create music and multimedia messages using computer systems
  • recognises and distinguishes the components of different timbre-instrumental mixes
  • uses music and computer concepts and recognises their appropriate use in relation to his/her experience
  • plays music while reading the score in various ways
  • is able to use the programme to transcribe musical parts by ear


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