From sound to video clip

Audio-visual production during the music lesson

    School sections
    • Lower secondary school
    Educational subjects
    • Music, Rhythm and movement
    • Aural skills (Ear training)
    • Music and technologies
    • Music and…

From sound to video clip

The activity starts by introducing the concept of "musical form" through listening and schematising songs. Each lesson starts with a stimulus proposed by the teacher, continues with individual exercises or in pairs and ends in plenary with a moment of conceptualisation. In the second phase of the project, the students apply the skills acquired by making a video clip. Starting directly from the analysis of video clips chosen by the students, the role of the musical form in the choices related to the construction of the audio-visual product is examined in depth. Once analysed some video clips, in the last part of the project the students make a video on a known song.

Work tools

Augmented classroom, or better 3.0. "From the song to the videoclip" can be developed in any educational environment that allows group work and is "augmented" with some technological resources. Classroom 3.0 is ideal for the final phase. The co-presence of a colleague is desirable in some phases.


Resources used:

  • IWB and sound system of good quality
  • Wi-Fi connection.
  • e-learning platform and/or cloud resources.
  • Software and web tools (see project).
  • Devices (BYOD, mobile cart or Classroom 3.0)

Educational purposes

The skills, goals and training objectives selected by the teacher for this experience are shown below.

    • Interpretation
    • Analysis
    • Comprehension
    • Composition
    Reading and Writing
    • Use of unconventional analogic music notation
    Lower secondary school
    • Understands and evaluates events, materials, and musical works recognising their meanings, also in relation to his/her own musical experience and the different historical/sociological context.
    • Actively participating in music experiences through the execution and the interpretation of vocal and instrumental music pieces belonging to different genres and cultures.
    • Capacity to conceive and create music and multimedia messages, also though improvisation or collective elaboration processes, using also IT tools, in critical confrontation with models belonging to the musical heritage
    Reading and Writing
    • Integrating one’s own music experience with other knowledge and practices using appropriate codes and codification systems
Educational targets

The student:

  • interprets the lyrics of the songs by relating it to the music part
  • Identifies the relationship between music and images in a videoclip interpreting its expressive peculiarities
  • analyses the songs identifying their musical form, using the concepts of hook, stanza refrain, pre-refrain, music subsection, choir, bridge, introduction, coda, finale, instrumental part
  • captures the formal similarities in some genres of vocal music
  • is able to follow the form of simple non-vocal music
  • evaluates the degree of coherence between musical form and visual sequences when editing a video clip
  • assesses the degree of consistency between the expressive characteristics of a song and the choices regarding the visual part in a video clip
  • knows some techniques and some basic processes of audio-visual production


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