VERDI’s very special birthday!

Let’s get to know and celebrate musician Giuseppe Verdi on the occasion of his special birthday!

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VERDI’s very special birthday!

The educational path was developed with the aim to draw students closer to the world of music even through the knowledge of its history and the protagonists that have enhanced it. The musician chosen was Giuseppe Verdi as in that academic year it was the bicentenary from his birth. The path led the students to get to know the main aspects of the musician’s music and life and compare them with contemporary music and musicians. The project was shared with all the colleagues of the institute of the primary school, who cooperated in the various phases of its realization. The overall experience was staged at the Theater Eden in the presence of the students’ families and of the municipal administration. The project was based on the combination of music, dance and theatrical interventions, giving the possibility to all the students involved to express themselves at their best in either one of the forms.

Work tools

The educational path was developed using the spaces in a flexible manner, starting from the classroom, to then use equipped places that facilitated operational approaches to the acquisition of knowledge, to musical production, theater, painting activities and movement. For the actual listening of the music, good quality sound systems were used, such to allow a good sonorous experience. Most of the activities were carried out in the music classroom, but in the initial phase of the path we used the students’ classrooms, while in the final phase we used the school’s gym. In order to complete the musical experience in its expressive and communication phase, Orff instruments were used. In particular, we used indefinite pitch musical instruments: harness bells, sonorous blocks, tambourines; and definite pitch instruments: glockenspieles and descant recorders.

Educational purposes

The skills, goals and training objectives selected by the teacher for this experience are shown below.

    • Sound perception
    • Analysis
    • Execution
    Reading and Writing
    • Use of conventional analogic music notation
    • Learning to listen to oneself and to the others
    • Identify the constitutive elements of a simple piece of music
    • Listening, interpreting and describing pieces of music of different genres
    • Exploring different expressive capacities of voice, musical objects and musical instruments
    • Producing timbre, melodic and rhythmic combinations applying basic schemes; executing them with the voice, the body and instruments (including IT tools).
    • Playing, alone or in group, simple vocal or instrumental pieces of music belonging to different genres and cultures, using also didactic instruments and self-made tools.
    Reading and Writing
    • Using analog and codified notation
Educational targets

The students learned how to:
- perform choral pieces of various musical genres
- participate in an active and correct way in the choral performances
- apply the basic techniques to play Orff instruments correctly
- control the musical quality of the instrumental sound produced
- perform instrumental pieces, both monodic and polyphonic, of different genres and styles, both individually and in group
- recognize styles and musical forms during listening
- grasp the different structures and meanings of pieces belonging to different historical periods and different cultures
- recognize the characteristics of pieces destined to various functions in different societies, both present and past
- perform simple choreographies in time with the music
- participate in group activities
- manage roles, rules and relationships within a working group


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