The magic of opera

Educational path aimed to discover opera

    School sections
    • Primary
    Educational subjects
    • Choir
    • Music, Rhythm and movement
    • Theatre/music
    • Vocalism

The magic of opera

The project fell within the scope of actions promoted by the MIUR for the implementation of Plans aimed to Improve the Educational System. It was realized in academic year 2016/2017 in network with schools throughout the territory (Comprehensive Institutes, primary schools and music-oriented lower secondary schools). The recipients were fourth-year primary school students attending the Comprehensive Institute Losapio San Filippo Neri in Gioia del Colle.

The aim of the project was to lead students - starting from the primary school - to discover opera, considered an artistic asset capable of drawing youngsters closer to the forms and feelings of classical music. In particular, the educational path aimed to foster this experience through the students’ direct involvement in staging Rossini’s Cinderella at the municipal theatre of Gioia del Colle.

After introducing the students to the opera, their creative interventions were stimulated through the completion and reinvention of the story, the development of the action, the scenery, the costumes and the creation of the ballets.

Work tools

The activity took place in sound-proof musical laboratories provided with Orff instruments, a piano, an IWB, a sound system. The municipal theater was identified as the ideal place to stage the opera. Bills, colors, sheets and costumes were used to realize the scenery of the theatrical representation. We started from the analysis and listening of the most famous arias of the original libretto of Rossini’s Cinderella, and then the students worked on a creative re-formulation of the text.

Finalità didattiche -- DA TRADURRE

Si riportano di seguito le competenze, i traguardi e gli obiettivi formativi selezionati dal docente per questa esperienza. -- DA TRDURRE

    • Interpretation
    • Analysis
    • Execution
    Reading and Writing
    • Use of conventional analogic music notation
    • Use of unconventional analogic music notation
    • Learning to listen to oneself and to the others
    • Listening, interpreting and describing pieces of music of different genres
    • Playing, alone or in group, simple vocal or instrumental pieces of music belonging to different genres and cultures, using also didactic instruments and self-made tools.
    • Exploring different expressive capacities of voice, musical objects and musical instruments
    Reading and Writing
    • Using analog and codified notation
Educational targets

The students learned how to:

- understand their vocal possibilities and potentialities
- recognize several fundamental structures of musical language through listening
- recognize and use the phonic and expressive components of the voice
- apply methods for a correct breathing
- connect songs, music, and sounds to gestures
- use the expressive resources of the voice when reading, acting and dramatizing verbal texts, singing simple monodic and polyphonic pieces, both individually and in group
- memorize songs fit for their vocal extension
- produce sounds and rhythms with their bodies
- recognize the basic rhythmic structures
- read musical notation
- read and sing the notes in a central tessitura
- distinguish and reproduce intervals
- interact properly when sharing communication in the choral singing, respecting the established rules
- identify the choral production of different historical periods
- grasp the most immediate expressive values of the pieces listened to, translating them with words, movements and drawings
- express moods and feelings through musical language


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