The project description format

The best practices selected by Music at school are presented in a format conceived to render the design of the project, which is at the basis of these didactic activities, in an explicit, readable and replicable way, in order to make their core aspects graspable and transferable.

Each project is made up of five videos. The playlist structure is conceived to provide music teachers with a common framework which facilitates both comprehension and sharing.

The five stages and the corresponding video clips of the playlist

1. Introduction

The motivation

2. Toolkit

The description of the tools and the work spaces

3. Exploring

The definition of the project plan
Phase 1: exploring, examining and getting to know

4. Composing

Phase 2: understanding, analysing – gathering – transcribing - disassembling - reassembling - implementing – reinventing

5. Communicating

phase 3: shaping and assessing/self-assessing

The description of the didactic actions accounted for all the steps of the design process. Each best practice is accompanied by the playlist with five videos, and useful materials (finalised to teaching activities, evaluation, follow-ups, etc.)

Music competences framework

In order to facilitate teachers in their work of observation and development of specific music competences, starting from the objectives of the 2012 national guidelines we drew out a curriculum framework for the development of musical competences taking also into consideration the European models.

The framework is proposed as a useful tool to describe and evaluate the development of the three areas where, according to the national guidelines, the formation of musical competences takes place:

  • Listening;
  • Production;
  • Writing and reading.