A Music History web page: Romanticism

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A Music History web page: Romanticism

This project, aimed at third-year students attending a lower secondary school, set out to explore a period of Music History, namely, that of Romanticism, and some of its composers, through active, collaborative study. 
New technologies and the Web were used to create IWB presentations, a podcast with musical examples, and some web pages as a final product. 
The teaching process, which was divided into different phases, considered the contents, methods and instrumentation on the same level, in order to make students aware of all aspects of their educational path. 

Work tools

As a digitally-enhanced teaching project, a textbook was used as the main source and a paper notebook was used to take notes, however, the operative part saw the use of IT hardware and software (computer, USB microphone and audio editor) and above all the tools offered by the Web: a virtual classroom, YouTube, and Google Docs and Presentation tools. 
The audio materials produced were uploaded to a podcasting platform, while all the shared documents were added to an Internet site created using a special content management system (CMS). 

Educational purposes

The skills, goals and training objectives selected by the teacher for this experience are shown below.

    • Sound perception
    • Analysis
    • Comprehension
    • Composition
    Lower secondary school
    • Understands and evaluates events, materials, and musical works recognising their meanings, also in relation to his/her own musical experience and the different historical/sociological context.
Educational targets

- Recognizing key musical elements (composers and compositions) of the historical movement under study (Romanticism). 
- Producing interdisciplinary links. 
- Ability to compare topics within the same discipline. 
- Competently analysing and using available documentation (both traditional and Web-based).  
- Producing analytical data sheets using digital tools.  
- Producing multimedia presentations. 
- Understanding the rudiments of digital audio editing. 
- Knowing and using online networking tools.  
- Collaborating online on joint projects. 
- Using the tools available to work on various disciplines. 


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