Bach passion

Baroque music lessons

    School sections
    • Upper secondary school
    • Lower secondary school
    Educational subjects
    • Instrumental practice
    • Composition

Bach passion

The experience “Bach Passion” was developed with the precise aim to experience the vertical reading of music through the use of keyboards. In fact, the Passion of one of Bach’s sons spurred the development of this project based on a musical theme very much used in pre-classical writing. The ideal of a chorale as privileged form of vertical writing helps piano students understand how to play in group without using horizontal writing, the usual one, but the one that choirs usually use, with the help of specific keys

Work tools

Of course, the main instruments used were the piano and the keyboard. Baroque scores, videos and listening activities based on Madrigals and Chorales; rewriting and analysis of the score. The use of an overhead projector was fundamental to understand how scores were written in Bach’s days.

Educational purposes

The skills, goals and training objectives selected by the teacher for this experience are shown below.

    • Interpretation
    • Analysis
    • Comprehension
    • Execution
    • Composition
    Reading and Writing
    • Use of conventional analogic music notation
    Lower secondary school
    • Understands and evaluates events, materials, and musical works recognising their meanings, also in relation to his/her own musical experience and the different historical/sociological context.
    • Actively participating in music experiences through the execution and the interpretation of vocal and instrumental music pieces belonging to different genres and cultures.
    Reading and Writing
    • Integrating one’s own music experience with other knowledge and practices using appropriate codes and codification systems
Educational targets

The students learned how to read vertically, and studied a type of music that generally is never covered when studying the piano, with the exception of the various Minuets or Preludes in “My First Bach”. The study of a score with rational logic and comprehension of the written text.


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