The environment changes its tune with ARPA

Music and environment: an interdisciplinary project based on research-creation-action

    School sections
    • Primary
    Educational subjects
    • Choir
    • Aural skills (Ear training)
    • Composition
    • Vocalism
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The environment changes its tune with ARPA

The objective of the project was to develop an interdisciplinary project with the students, through the music channel, capable of communicating through group activities complex themes such as sustainable development, biodiversity, ecosystems. The students involved attended four fourth-year parallel classes. By communicating through music, the students were guided to express their personal ideas and deep thoughts on the theme "environment", working on a common objective. Starting from contents and musical pieces related to the project “Ambient Music”, an original path was developed which culminated with the production of new materials (posters, slogans, poems) and the creation of a new piece entitled “Dai gente salviamo l'ambiente” (“C’mon people, let’s save the environment”).

Work tools

The project involved 84 students belonging to four fourth-year parallel classes.

Duration: the project was conducted throughout the entire academic year. Small and large open class groups or school sections often worked on realizing the materials. In order to organize such a large project, it was sometimes necessary to divide the proposals among the four different sections-groups of classes. Team work was fundamental in this sense, in order to reproduce all the activities in the various sections. Sometimes we had to modify the teachers’ schedule and add some extra hours.

The places useful for the development of the activities were the classrooms, the main hall, the library, the garden, walking tours aimed to explore the city and the nature.

The materials used: notebooks, IWB, PC, posters, newspapers, sound system, microphone, a bow for the teacher, video cameras, audio workstation for the digital recording, rhythmic instruments.

Educational purposes

The skills, goals and training objectives selected by the teacher for this experience are shown below.

    • Sound perception
    • Interpretation
    • Comprehension
    • Execution
    • Composition
    Reading and Writing
    • Use of conventional analogic music notation
    • Learning to listen to oneself and to the others
    • Identify the constitutive elements of a simple piece of music
    • Listening, interpreting and describing pieces of music of different genres
    • Exploring, identifying and elaborating sound phenomena on the basis of quality, space and source
    • Exploring different expressive capacities of voice, musical objects and musical instruments
    • Producing timbre, melodic and rhythmic combinations applying basic schemes; executing them with the voice, the body and instruments (including IT tools).
Educational targets

The students learned how to:
- listen to pieces of different genres in a careful and selective way
- invent rhymes to be inserted in a given melody
- memorize basic melodies and grasp any possible changes
- play pieces of different genres recognizing the basic structure
- work and sing in a choir cooperating in an active way
- contextualize the concept of protection of the environment in musical pieces
- give their personal contribution in writing a text with the environment as theme
- propose original ideas on the basis of a given theme
- think in musical terms starting from the interiorization of sounds/melodies up to their expression
- choose specific words and symbols to represent a slogan graphically and musically
- recognize the main parts of a piece
- interpret the pieces analyzed using the voice with the right tonal and expressive nuances.


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